June 10, 2018
Gladys P. Downs, Estate Administratrix
Gladys P. Downs, Estate Administratrix
Hello Family,

I hope everyone is doing well. I'd like to share with you what was discussed in today's meeting.
After opening in prayer, the family Board discussed the following items:

USDA sent a letter to remind us of the requirement for the Estate to implement the following practices or conservation activities under the terms of the contract and schedule of operations for the EQIP contract:

1. Critical Area Planting
2. Grade Stabilization Structure
3. Land Clearing
4. Mulching

As stated in the contract, the practices or conservation activities must be implemented by March 08, 2019 to remain in compliance with the contract obligations.

USDA further informs us to notify them immediately if we anticipate any of the following changes:
1. Loss of control of all or part of the land unders contract.
2. Changes in our operation, including management system changes, land use changes, or enrollment in another program
3. Changes to our banking information 
4. Changes to the desired distribution of payment shares
5. A need to adjust our schedule of operations
6. Changes to the membership of a business entity
7. Name changes and changes in business structure

Good news is that Larry P. spoke with the Forrester (Shot) today and Shot is ready to mark the area that will be cleared for the pond. Shot has offered to buy the trees from us; therefore, we will not be paying him--he will be paying us. In addition to clearing the trees, Shot suggest that we clear 50-100 yards out in diameter to make room for a park area around the pond. The overwhelming vote was YES let's do it! 

Shot is also interested in our white oak trees to be used for making whiskey barrels. Of course we're interested in whatever can make us money but we will address that after the USDA project is complete.  We don't want to bite of more than we can chew, right?! :)

Two days is the estimated time to complete the process to clear the trees. After that's done, the contractor's, David & Payton, will come in to and prep for the pond and 
clear the erosion area near the gravel pit. We will also have them remove some of the tree stumps from clearing the trees.  Some stumps will remain for the animals. The estimated completion time for this part of the project is four weeks.  Should be done no later than AUGUST.

The next item discussed was Moffett (again). He has sent a summons against the Estate.  We must respond to the request no later than JUNE 17th. Lillie is handling this matter and will provide an update at the next meeting. 

The last item for discussion was finalizing the heirship. Larry will discuss with his attorney and provide us with her reponse at our next conference meeting.

That's about it for now. Things are finally rolling along.  Praise God!

Keep in mind that the money received from the trees will help reimburse those who contributed to the survey and attorney fees.

Should you have further questions, let me know.

For additional input, please submit through the CONTACT US TAB located on the left of this page.

Again, the next scheduled meeting is JUNE 24th, 6:00-7:00pm Eastern Standard Time.

Until then...

I love you all & appreciate all you do!
Gladys P. Downs, Administrator
USDA, Conservation Director, Marcus Shorter
God bless you Mr. Shorter!!! :)
USDA shared this aerial view of our 258.92 acres of land
The new gate was installed at this entrance area.
As you walk further along the trail, to the right is where the Keys family was caught on our cameras trespassing and dumping on our land.
This is the reason we had the gate installed. Lots of dumping and vandalism.  
Additionally, the gravel pit lies beneath all of this debris.
Part of the funding will be used to clean-up this area.
Henry Tip Jackson volunteered, purchased, and installed the gate at the entrance of Estate near Uncle Lee's home.
Cameras installed!
Thank God we installed them because these cameras captured the Keys family entering and dumping on the land.
This is the area that's believed to be incorrectly marked.
Beyond the fence are the presumed 40-50 yards of our land that is unaccounted for on the last survey that was conducted in 2017.
Hilbert Jackson will further discuss this issue with the Daniel's family (who still resides on the land) and provide answers at the next conference call meeting scheduled MAR 11th.
This is the McDonald land that adjoins the Ed Smith Estate.
A prime example of how we can replicate our land.
The brick columns would help beautify the entrance. Recommend developing a similar entrance and engrave the bricks with family members who significantly contributed to the upkeep of the land.  Open to your suggestions as well.

For those of you unaware, our Estate is immediately to the right of this land owned by the McDonalds.

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