The Estate Administrator is temporarily fulfilling this duty until the heirs opens an Estate account and obtains the required EIN number 
Once that's established, all funds pertaining to the Estate will be deposited in the Estate bank account.

Dear Family,

The Estate is in need of a Primary and Secondary Treasurer.  Our goal is to select the two positions by MAR 30th. Provided below are specific information on the responsibilities in addition to the candidates and their credentials to help determine your vote.

Serving as the Estate Treasurer is a huge responsibility.  If you believe you're capable to commit to such a duty, please submit your name accompanied by your resume via the CONTACT US page.  

Helpful Links Discussing Treasurer Responsibilities:

What is the role of the Treasurer:

Getting a TAX ID and Bank Account:

Making a Living Trust in Mississippi:

Denise Jackson
(Lillie B. Jackson's Granddaughter)
Although now retired after serving 20 years in the finance arena, Denise earned her double degree in Finance & Accounting from Chicago State University where she majored in finance.  After college, Denise served as a Chicago Bank Examiner for 3 years, followed by holding positions as the Assistant Vice President of two well-known banks; Hotel management and bookkeeper. Denise was the 1st black financial officer at a major bank in Topeka, KS from 1983-1985.  Followed by serving as the Vice President as Loan Reviewer for 3 years--then at  Community Bank of Nebraska for 2 years before accepting the position as Lead of Loan Review at First American Bank in Silver Spring, MD.  

These successes lead Denise back to Omaha serving as head of Business & Techology Center for  Small Business Centers funded by the governemnt that helped small businesses obtain their funding.  Before retirement, Denise achieved her goal to open her own storefront business.  Serving as the Estate Treasurer would be an honor to help maintain the wishes of Ed Smith Sr. 


Dr. Ritchie Baltimore
(Mary Perkins Grandson)

Summary: As the secondary treasurer chief financial officer (CFO) or chief financial and operating officer (CFOO) for the Ed Smith Estate my primarily responsibility will be to manage the financial risks of the estate and I will be responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting to higher management. This section outlines projections for the dollar amount and number of loans and shares, and the number of members for the first one year of operation. The intent of this section is to provide benchmarks upon which the credit union and NCUA can measure the success of the group and its business plan. The goals can be broken down by each loan and share product type and expressed in annually with all shareholders. The goals should agree with the financial projections. Include a discussion of the basis for each goal and identify the section of the membership survey supporting the goal. 




(2015-2016) Northcentral University: 

DBA License: Peregrine Academic Services™, LLC

Major: Doctoral Business Administration 


(2004-2010) University of Phoenix 

Master of Information Systems/Management

Major: Information Systems


(1999-2003) Collins College

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication

Major: Multimedia/Web Design 


2015-2016 Arvato Bertelsmann: Chandler, AZ: Financial Customer Fraud Agent

  • Manage a private banking portfolio of individuals and groups with high net-worth. Responsible for deposits, financial volume goals, and procedures while adhering to policies for Ally Online Bank.
  • Report account fraud to the Lost Prevention Department and informed customer to contact the credit reporting agencies to place a fraud alert on their credit report.
  • Close fraudulent accounts when accounts opened in customers name without their knowledge, warm transferred customer to Lost Prevention Department directly and ask to have the fraudulent account closed.
  • Keep detailed notes of the conversation and mailed documentation showing the account has been closed for the customer
  • Report to Card Member Service to check for fraud alerts on debit cards and cancel the card, checks and send a replacement for the customer.
  • Perform post-resolution follow-ups to help requests for replace debit cards.
  • Placed travel advisory alerts on customer debit cards to avoid red flags when traveling out of their local area. Create user accounts, reset passwords, and create groups, when accounts compromised.

2011-2018: Multi-Green Cleaning, Maricopa AZ: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Manage the proper operation of a commercial janitorial cleaning service for commercial buildings and grounds
  • Prepare capital project budgets and operating budget reports. Prepare monthly operating budget variance reports
  • Hire; supervise the training and performance of janitors ensuring their knowledge and understanding of industry standards, security procedures, and proper chemical usage
  • Ensured the proper staffing plan, security, cleanliness, and proper working order of supplies and equipment at all assigned account sites. 
  • Execute the financial strategy of the company
  • Manage financial controls and accounting procedures
  • Ensure full transparency over the financial performance of the company
  • Provide advice on how to increase revenue and reduce costs
  • Effectively and clearly communicate potential risks in a timely manner
  • Propose action plans to ensure that annual financial objectives are attained
  • Support the CEO with the preparation of monthly and annual financial plans
  • Maintain speed and accuracy of billings and client payments
  • Coordinate and produce all tax documentation as required


2002-2006: MSA Solutions: Tempe, AZ: Call Center Student Consolidation Loan Supervisor

  • Responsible for day-to- day functional supervision of an inbound and outbound student loan work group of eight people 
  • Supervise the work of customer service advisors to ensure adherence to quality standards, deadlines, and proper procedures, correcting errors or problems 
  • Resolve customer service issues by working with branch operations personnel with management in a way that positively represent the call center operations 
  • Provide operational support for all agents on the call center floor (backline support, employee relations issues, performance issues, operating systems, and training and facility items) 
  • Ensured time off is coordinated in conjunction with direction of call center managers and / or other call center management when appropriate. 

Seminar: Government Grants & Loans Consultant (Present)


IRS Corporate Tax Accountant (Present)


Foundations of Legal Environment of Business (2016)

Foundations of Business Finance (2016)

Foundations of Accounting (2016)

Foundations of Quantitative Research Techniques and Statistics (2016)

Foundations of Human Resource Management (2016)

Foundations of Organizational Behavior (2016)

Foundations of Operations/Production Management (2016)

Foundations of Business Ethics (2016)

Foundations of Business Leadership (2016)

Foundations of Marketing (2016)

Foundations of Information Management Systems (2016)

Peregrine Academic Services™, LLC


Stella Banks
(Lee Smith's Granddaughter)

Resume forthcoming...

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Denise Jackson (Lillie Jackson Side)
Dr. Ritchie Baltimore (Mary Perkins Side)
Stella Banks (Lee Smith Side)