Dear Family,

I’ve learned that several family members were not made aware of the family get together this past April—nor do they feel inclusive with recent actions being decided upon about the land.  


It’s important to know this was the case for most family members—including myself. With such a large family, not everyone knows one another and getting the word out to all is a challenge. For that reason, my daughter Lillie created this family website to help spread the word. 


To give you a little background as to how the family arrived at this juncture, the April reunion stemmed from a hearing held December 15, 2015 in Jefferson County Court House in Fayette, Mississippi where Lawrence “Larry” Perry and Conway Perry were appointed Co-Administrators.  They are Caroline Daisey Smith-Jackson’s grandson’s. At that hearing, the Judge requested two items to finalize the Estate of Ed Smith.


1.) Complete the family tree. Why? To know who the heirs are.

2.) Complete a survey.  Why? Because the last land survey was October 1919. 


Being said, I feel compelled to express the following:


In an effort to move forward, “transparency” is key.  To develop and maintain trust amongst one another, we must lean in the direction of “transparency.” At the same time, know that every family member has a voice.  Though opinions may differ, it’s by way of “transparency” that opposing differences can come together as a compromise.  


This website is a great tool to display transparency.  Continue to visit it.  Submit your  ideas on what you think can benefit the land.  Again—YOU have a voice and we as a family will listen to each suggestion, comment, or concern going forward.


Upon completion of the family tree and survey, we will form a family board.  Two representatives from each heir will be appointed.  I strongly suggest to begin conversation amongst your family’s as to who might serve best in that role. 


Bottomline, we’re all in this together.  The past is the past.  Let’s move forward as a family first. All else will fall into place. 


Should you wish to talk privately, I am available at 937-237-7028 or contact my daughter Lillie Downs at 703-577-7517.


Respectfully and God Bless You,

Gladys P Downs (Administratrix | Lillie B Jackson’s daughter)

Huber Heights, Ohio